Brief characteristics of small loan companies

quality is not very good but you need a loan for a friend a microfinance company is certainly the best choice. In today's lending market, microfinance companies was welcomed by many borrowers. However, many characteristics of a microfinance company is not well understood. Next, we will briefly explain the characteristics of a microfinance company.

1, the program is simple, the lending process fast, simple procedures

in simple micro-loan company loan program, loans in accordance with the customer's application, acceptance and investigation, verification of mortgage, guarantee, credit committee approval, signed the loan contract, the granting of loans, the loan principal and interest recovery management. Generally within 7 days from the date of acceptance of the loan will be completed, so this area than bank loans a lot easier, quicker, than private lending, interest rates are much lower.

2, flexible repayment

equal installments on a monthly repayment due, quarterly settlement servicing, due a repayment or two debt-servicing and other flexible repayment and interest. A wide range of loans. Microfinance company main clients are small and medium enterprises, self-employed, farmers and so on.

3, and marketing mode flexible

small loan company in risk can control Xia implemented not rating, and not award letter of marketing form, break has has long commercial banks, formal financial institutions of business way, has way simple, and efficient shortcut of features, conducive to SMEs timely get credit support, ease SMEs and the individual industrial and commercial households of short-term financing difficult, must degree Shang make up has Bank loan and civil borrowing Zhijian of insufficient.

4, and small loan company loan quality high

small loan company loan quality high, is because small loan company loan out funds almost all is shareholders of owned funds, so on loan project of review on more caution; due to small loan company is private business, main in local lending, on borrowing people and the uses can full of understand, so on risk control has must benefits.