Shanghai what loan lending faster?

apply for a loan if it is a rainy day, of course, hope that the pace of lending is the sooner the better, but we all know, some procedures are more complex. There is not the kind of loans loans faster, which loans lending rate in Shanghai has fast?

first class: unsecured loans

in General, as long as the borrower have stable jobs, income, and have a good credit history, you can apply for unsecured loans, and access to credit in monthly income of about 10 times. Because of the unsecured loans are loans for borrowers with credit applications, no mortgage registration and evaluation procedures, the lending loan faster, if the borrower to provide the formalities complete, fast same day loans.

category II: car mortgages

If borrowers name on cars, cars can also be used as collateral to the loan company for car mortgages, vehicle line to a maximum rating of 80%, loan term of up to five years, as long as the formalities complete, borrowers can get loans the same day.

third class: credit card cash

loan money lines they need small, short term, and the hand holding credit card, can also use the card to withdraw cash but take the existing cardholders are required to pay a certain amount of fees and interest, so in non-emergency cases the cardholder is best not to use a credit card to withdraw.

so, if a borrower is in a hurry to spend money, when applying for a loan, be sure to be clear, what loans loans faster and then apply for loans according to their own situation.