Dual 11-bag bargains enough money can apply for loan types

now in November, next week is exciting dual 11 shopping spree, a lot of people gearing "Rumble", but panned goods have enough money a little bit lack of morale. Want to bag bargains have not enough money to do? In fact, they can apply for loans to solve. Here to introduce the dual 11-bag bargains under enough money can apply for the type of loan.

personal credit loan

personal credit loan is a only with personal qualification on can handle of loan, not need borrowing people provides any mortgage real, as long as borrowing people has stable of work and income, and credit good, repayment capacity strong, basic are is can was loan of, loan lines usually in borrowing people months income of 5-10 times around, stay borrowing people meet conditions, procedures complete, most fast can day on can lending.

credit card overdraft

If you hand in just holds credit card, so after credit card overdraft or take now to for ahead of consumption, is best but of has, and take now also very fast, just a Taiwan ATM machine can completed take now, day highest take now lines can up 2000 Yuan, but, need understand of is, holding card people must to remember in repayment date Qian guarantee full repayment, or caused late repayment, not only will effect personal credit records, also will produced must of late fees.

whether by personal credit loans or credit card debt, the borrower is not blinded by bag bargains, remember to payment on time each month, otherwise late will produce interest, dearly.