Common business loan for women

entrepreneurship is not just the preserve of men, many women are also on the road to self-employment. However, in the course of business, cash flow difficulties are entrepreneurs who could not avoid questions, someone asked about this: women entrepreneurs can apply for a loan? The answer is Yes: you can! Common business loan for women in two ways:

common business loan for women in two ways:

1, venture loans

now some provincial financial departments, the Society Board, Bank, the women's Federation jointly introduced a policy for women's entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs need to submit an application to the local women's Federation, and the local women's Federation received application forms. After you fill out the application by local women's federations to its entrepreneurial intentions, credit standing and repayment capacity such as investigations and issue a loan approval, meet the requirements of the audit will be submitted to human resources and Social Security Department. Zhihou, applicants can take on women's federations and Social Security Department approval to the Bank for the loan, but a long time to go through the cumbersome lenders.

(a) loans. Have certain entrepreneurial skills, entrepreneurship, individual legal acts of responsibility, within the legal working age in urban and rural women.

(b) the scope of loans. All legitimate business items outside of the country in restraint of trade. Mainly used in the production of commercial and social development projects and cannot be used for consumer items.

(c) the loan amount. Women entrepreneurs micro-loan maximum amount to 80,000 yuan; for eligible women organizing partnerships and employment, managing banks per capita the highest loan amount may be increased to 100,000 yuan.

(d) the term of the loan. Loan terms are generally not more than 2 years. Borrowers submit a renewal application, managing banks agreed with the provisions can be extended once, extended the term of not more than 1 year.

(e) loan program

2, mortgage

collateral, if the borrower's name that complies with the requirements, such as real estate can apply for a mortgage loan, this loan will not only limit higher, longer turnaround times and easy credit.

urban and rural women on a voluntary basis to account for the location or permanent resident of the county or township level women's federations submit a loan application, fill in the application form for women entrepreneurs small loans. County and township-level women's federations to investigate loan applicants, understand the applicants ' production and living conditions, and assess their loan demand and credit status of the applicant, in accordance with the precautionary principle recommendation issued loans, handling bank may complete the loan on the basis of this investigation.

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